What My Clients Say

Tendayi is enthusiastic, motivating, and knowledgeable about fitness. He is in tune with my goals. He uses creative techniques in training sessions, making them fun and challenging at the same time.

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Hafsa Salman

Tendayi is knowledgeable and very friendly. He always has something ready for whatever I say I want to work on that day. He’s great at helping multiple clients at once without taking away from what each person is getting as far as support. I would absolutely recommend booking sessions with Tendayi if you are looking for a trainer.


Andrew Burke

I started out with TWF with a little bit of knowledge about what to do in the gym, I had been going to the gym daily for months and just wasn’t seeing the results I expected.  After an initial session with Travis, he suggested I work with Tendayi. I could tell right away it was a great call. Tendayi has a crazy passion about what he does and knows how to adjust exercises to make the most out of a session. I am a pretty big guy so there are some things I can can’t do, but instead of pushing me to do something I couldn’t do (like so many have before), he adapted it so that i didn’t feel like I was failing. After never liking back day because I never felt the burn after like the rest of my body, he watched what I did and made the smallest adjustment to my form (I mean almost not noticeable to a person watching), the next day felt like I had never worked my back before. If you want someone down to earth, that knows their stuff and cares deeply about their clients success, look no further than Tendayi! You will see results and feel great doing it!

Thank you,

Dallas Hewitt
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Dallas Hewitt

Tendayi is a SUPERSTAR when it comes to personal training. The guy has a masters degree in Kinesiology so he is very knowledgeable with an almost endless variety of new techniques & exercises that I personally haven’t  seen before. He is very easy to talk to & he designed a workout program based on my preferences which made a huge difference in my progress. Safety is his top priority so he made sure he taught me new stretching & warm up techniques while we warmed up together before workouts and stretched afterwards. Absolutely recommend.

Mohamed E.
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Mohamed E.

I have trained with Tendayi for a couple of months so far, some of the things I have noticed during that time is that he takes great care of you and helps you achieve your goals. He is involved, supportive and a good planner. Tendayi’s approach to your fitness is not just him giving you a list of tasks and expecting you to fulfill it, but rather, Tendayi start with a plan of how to go about your fitness journey and he guides you through it step by step in a very involved manner. He is well versed in all aspect of your body and makes sure to train all aspects of your body. He is very encouraging and supportive and always tries to keep an upbeat mood to help you stay motivated.

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Gurminder Sidhu

After not working out for a while, I needed some motivation to get back into it. Tendayi was a wonderful motivator! Kind and friendly but didn’t let me slack off. He always said I could do one more rep, and he was right! Definitely recommend.



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Kim Van Nieuvenhuyse

I was a little nervous signing up for a personal trainer but Tendayi made the sessions a blast, sparking conversations between everyone and always coming in with an incredibly positive attitude. He also went out of his way to assist in teaching me how to work with and around previous work injuries.
I couldn’t have asked for a better first experience and I definitely plan on going back.

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Cole Wimbush

For someone like me that has struggled with committing to a healthy lifestyle, I was nervous about working with a personal trainer like Tendayi.
However, his unrelenting support and genuine compassion made for such a rewarding experience that it completely changed my opinion.
His enthusiasm is contagious but sincere, and I promise that his positive attitude will help you reach your goals, whatever they are!
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Braden Davie

Tendayi  is extremely motivating and flexible-what I consider the two most important things when it comes to personal trainers. He knows when to push you and knows how to modify exercises when you need to pull back.Tendayi makes sure your workout technique is correct to avoid injuries and motivates you to finish the challenging workout. He makes working out enjoyable (but you’re still sore the next day!). I really enjoyed how I felt after working with him for 2 months! . I highly recommend him

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Kieth Walton

I intensely disliked working out and had no clue about anything fitness or body related. Working out with Tendayi has changed how I approach my health and exercise.

I received personal training from Tendayi over the course of a few months. He was very patient and answered millions of my beginner questions as they came up. He was very attentive and conscientious of how the session and activity was going for your body – correcting my form as many times as I asked. Each workout was different, yet you could tell the program came from expertise and knowledge on how to best achieve your goals safely and with a strong foundation. I appreciated his explanations for why we were working out a certain way, and I continue to rely on this foundational knowledge. Today, I look forward to working out, and I could not do so without the training and knowledge I received.

Tendayi is an extremely positive and encouraging presence. He shows you you are capable of more than you think you are. I will definitely continue to receive personal training from him when I am in Edmonton. Thank you Tendayi!

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Monica Martel Oh

Tendayi is the guy you want to train with! He’s not your regular run of the mill Trainer. He takes time to actually get to know you, your needs and goals. His bedside manner is spot on and always makes you feel comfortable in whatever the task may be. (And as a woman, I find that to be very important) He’s very encouraging and has a way of pushing you to limits you never knew you could achieve. Look no further, this is your guy!

Amy Ross
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Amy Ross

Tendayi’s knowledge of kinetics, his guidance and positive energy helped shape my perception of fitness and encouraged me to fully appreciate a healthier lifestyle in my journey towards a more positive and fulfilling way of life.Derrick

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Derrick Sparks

My name is Aaron and I want to share how professional and competent Tendayi is as a trainer. He is quite knowledgeable about what he does and he is physically congruent with his physique. It can seem intimidating at first because of his physique but he quickly wins you over with his warm personality and hands on style. You will feel challenged and see results and want to keep coming back for more. There’s a wide arsenal of methods he will try to achieve your goals. He won’t disappoint!

Aaron Siebold

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Aaron Siebold

Tendayi is great and I when I follow his advice for various proper form like  barbell squat and others, I was able to do it properly.

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Andrew James

“ Tendayi helped me to push past my own self limiting beliefs. With him, I would go further than I dared to go by myself. With genuine kindness and good humour, he casually adds one more plate 😊.  He knows what I can do better than I do. Each time I’m amazed how far I went that day.”


Jas Chana

Trained with Tendayi for several months before moving to another province, and even then he was willing to continue training with me via Skype. Tendayi is an extremely knowledgeable trainer and will help you achieve the results you’re looking for. He is very personable and truly cares about your well being. If you decide to give him a chance, you won’t regret it!

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Evan Brinkman

Tendayi is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging and some how fun, I’ve seen improvements in lifting progressively heavier weights & generally push myself harder throughout each session. Importantly: He ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries. I find I actually look forward to my workouts and I truly enjoy working out with him. He helped me feel confident and proud of myself. I used to enjoy seeing other people’s before and after pictures but now I just enjoy watching my B&A pictures. I highly recommend him.

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Zahra Haji Jelani

Tendayi is so fun to train with! He pushes me out of my comfort zone, allowing me to reach goals I’ve been afraid to try. He is very encouraging, complimentary, and a genuinely nice person. He is very knowledgeable as a trainer, and very creative when programing a workout. He is such a positive energy to be around, you’ll leave a session with him feeling amazing and accomplished, with great results.

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Ashlee Wardle

A thoughtful, knowledgeable fitness trainer who is able to assess your abilities and design the workout to meet you goals.  Tendayi understands the body movements and  the associated muscle  groups to find the appropriate exercise to build strength and flexibility.
Under Tendayi’s guidance I have achieve my goals of being more flexible and build strength.

Usha Pawluski

The expertise and guidance Tendayi provides during my strength training sessions has been amazing. He consistently updates and modifies my sessions to keep me progressing while working towards my fitness goals. Tendayi’s encouragement, calm demeanour and sense of humour are an added bonus which make training with him very enjoyable and productive.  Thanks Tendayi!!

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If anyone is looking for a professional and caring personal trainer, I would highly recommend Tendayi. He has his Master’s degree in Kinesiology and has been working on his diploma in Massage Therapist so he is truly dedicated to help clients with achieving their desired goals in a safe and sustainable way. Also, words can’t express his passion in fitness and exercises for what his clients need. Tendayi is amazing at designing workouts and making creative adjustments depending on his client’s deviations and goals. He always focuses training safely, proper setups before doing any movements, efficient warmups which are the areas that trainers tend to neglect but play vital roles in achieving goals without getting injured. He truly cares about his clients and he has the skills to develop plans that will truly help them.

Been training with him almost half a year and I feel constantly supported since. I am a personal trainer myself but I have been pretty impressed with Tendayi’s work and how much progress I have made so far with his help. Literally the best decision I have ever made for my health, physically, mentally and spiritually!!

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